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High Fives


The Wonfel Scholarship (TWS) is designed to inspire and motivate Ethiopian university students to enroll in leadership educational programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. TWS will be provided for students in science, philosophy, management, law, history, and journalism. In its first phase, TWS plans to provide scholarships for selected students. Funding to cover 2 years of stipend is secured and the program is expected to start in 2022.

Selection criteria​ 

  • Students who completed their first year and pursuing a degree in Law, Political Science, Management, History, Journalism, Philosophy, and Art 

  • Demonstrate excellence in academic performance

  • Demonstrate interest in leadership and involvement in community service 

  • Women participation encouraged

  • Financially disadvantaged students encouraged 

Participating universities: students enrolled in the following universities will benefit from TWS; however, coverage will expand to other universities as well.

  • Addis Ababa University

  • Bahir Dar university

  • Debark University

  • Debre Birhan University

  • Debre Markos university

  • Debre Tabor University

  • Dessie University

  • Gondar University

  • Injibara University

  • Woldiya University

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