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Over the course of the war in northern Ethiopia, thousands of domestic livestock have been killed, shattering the only livelihood rural farmers depend on. This rehabilitation project aims to provide:

.....A milk cow for a mother as a major source of family support$1,593 per cow
.....Oxen for a farmer so that farmers can restart their shattered lives and continue doing what they know best to support their families—$866 for two oxen
....A tractor for a village. This project benefits farmers who live close by and have land topography convenient for sharing a tractor. One tractor, depending on size and horsepower will support more than 200 farmers and increases their productivity several folds. The average cost of 80hp tractor is ~ $31,000 USD.

1. The first tractor is delivered to a village in Kobo, Kebele
01. More than 45 farmers who lost their oxen and 40 women
whose husbands were killed during the war are organized to
participate in this model project.
2. The 2nd tractor is delivered to a village in Humera,
Mykadra, Rdem Kebele. In this project 204 farmers who lost
everthing during the war are identified and organized to
participate in the project. Both communities are provided with a
tractor with 80 horsepower, accessories and experts to help them run the tractor for a year. The tractors are expected to cultivate more than 500 hectares of farmland. Follow the link to support Tractor for A Village:

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