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Amhara Emergency Fund


For the last three years, Amharas were under consistent attack and people have been suffering. Millions have been displaced, thousands wounded and hundreds of children orphaned. The current conflict in northern Ethiopia is worsening the situation specifically after TPLF declared an all out war on Amhara. It is high time for us Ethiopians to stand together and look after one another. Let’s act collectively and contain our brothers and sisters’ suffering before it spreads to the rest of our country. 

Your donations will go a great length to provide emergency food, medical supplies and shelter. 

If not NOW, when? If not US, who will stand for our people?

The project raised more than $1.8 million, mainly through crowdfunding. It
has provided urgent food, clothing, shelter, and medical services for more than
80,000 mothers, the elderly, and children.
The team has deployed more than 40 medical volunteers to several internally
displaced people’s (IDP) sites and has provided urgent care. Each doctor treats up
to 40 patients a day at the IDP sites, and the daily cost of sponsoring a doctor is
$13. The team has delivered food to thousands of IDPs in Amhara and Afar
regions. On average the team delivered 25 kilograms of flour per family at a cost
of $35.
Please follow the link to support: Amhara-Emergency-Fund

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