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One of Wonfel's missions is to improve Ethiopia's educational equality through various means. For example, schools in the Amhara region have not gotten priority for several decades. Most of the school libraries do not have sufficient amount and quality reference books. Wonfel, in collaboration with Books for Africa, initiated the Grand Ethiopian Book project which provides reference books, computers and tablets to high school and university libraries in Ethiopia. The project donated more than ~88,000 books, ~40 computers, and 5 tablets to more than 72 high schools and 5 universities as of August 2021.

The First Round of Shipment

Wonfel sent the first round of 22,000 science, mathematics, computer science, and english literature books to 10 high schools and 5 universities in Ethiopia. The high schools served were Kira Kira Senior Secondary School (Kira Kira, N. Gondor),  Gaynet Senior Secondary School (Gaynet, S. Gondor), Kobo Senior Secondary School (Kobo, N. Wollo), Lalibela Senior Secondary School (Lalibela, N. Wollo), Dessie Boarding School (Dessie, S. Wollo), Feresbet Senior Secondary School (Feresbet, W. Gojjam), Amanuel Senior Secondary School (Amanuel, E. Gojjam), Hailemariam Mammo Preparatory school (Debre Berhan, North Shoa), Arbegnoch Senior Secondary School (Alem Ketema, Merhabete, North Shoa), and Jinka Senior Secondary High School (Jinka, South Omo zone). The universities served were Debark, Debre Markos, Debre Birhan, Jinka, and Woldyia. The books donated to the universities were in computer science, science, and engineering. The funds for the first round of shipment were raised through a network of generous donors, including social media.

The Second Round of Shipment

Through collaborations with different school alumni, Wonfel raised funds to send 44,000 books to 26 elementary and high schools. The alumni independently raised the necessary funding, and selected books to be shipped to the respective home schools in consultation with the Wonfel team. The books including desktop computers, laptops, and tablets were sent to schools of donating alumni.

The Third Round of Shipment

Wonfel, in collaboration with Dr Abebe Kebede from AASDO raised the total fund to send 22,000 books to 36 elementary and high schools. The books are scheduled for shipment in April 2021.

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