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  • Why is education a priority?
    Amhara region has the lowest access to elementary and high school education in Ethiopia. As, the quality of education in the region is so poor, more than half of the students who joined elementary school dropout before finishing middle school. Moreover, only 20 percent of eligible students join high school and of these, only 5 percent proceed to higher education. Wonfel believes education is a national emergency and it needs immediate attention. Intervening on education is not only an investment in the future of Ethiopia but also plays key role to address the rampant social and cultural problems.
  • Why boarding school?
    The planned boarding school will accept gifted high school students to provide quality education that enable them acheiving the best of their ability. The boarding school will also serve as a bench mark for quality high school education in the region, and Ethiopia.
  • What is the capacity of the boarding school?
    The boarding school will have a capacity to enroll up to 400 students at full enrollment.
  • Who will be the students?
    The boarding schools will provide scholarship to gifted students and to those who come from disadvantaged circumstances. The boarding school will consider gender equality.
  • How are students selected?
    Gifted students will be selected based on a set of criteria that include performance on entrance exam, national exam scores, involvement in community services, and assessments of leadership potential and other skills.
  • Where are the boarding schools located? Why?
    To date, the Amhara region has one boarding school in Dessie city and one project under construction in Debre Birhan. Hence to make quality education easily accessible to the North Western part of Amhara, Bahirdar and Gonder cities are selected for these project. Both cities have historically served as centers excellence, have natural attraction, and host renowned universities which would make them suitable for residential learning environment. The presence of Universities in the vicinity would motivate high school students and would also open opportunity for staff recruitment and volunteering.
  • What is the school’s curriculum?
    The boarding schools will follow Ethiopian curriculum and international standards with some modifications to meet local and global trends. Students will be educated to compete in innovative, problem solving and fast moving international areana.
  • Who is leading the boarding school project?
    Wonfel AID, Amhara Development Association, Amhara Universities Forum, and the Amhara Regional Education Bureau are collaborating to build the boarding schools. While our partners raise funds in Ethiopia, Wonfel AID will be raising funds in the diaspora worldwide.
  • How much is the capital for the boarding schools?
    The cost of the boarding school is estimated at 3.3 million dollars or 100 million Ethiopian birr.
  • What is the status of the project?
    Wonfel got approval to recieve school building land from the city of Bahirdar and Gondar. Once half of the planned budget is collected, construction of the school will be started.
  • When will the schools open?
    Tentatively, some part of the schools' complex may be built by December 2022 and class for the first cohert may start by September 2023.
  • Who would be the source of the fund?
    We thrust you will be one of fund. We believe we thrive together. Together, we can build boarding schools that would serve generations of Ethiopians to come. Your contribution would enable a gifted high school student to get quality education and contribut the betterment of her/his country.
  • Are there special recognition for large donations?
    Yes! Wonfel appreciates all amounts of donations. However, we give different recognition certificates to individuals, families an/or organizations based on the amount of donation(s). For example, for those donatiing more than $30,000 USD, a class will be named after them. Please contact us at for more information.
  • How do I make donation?
    Thank you! You can donate clicking the “donate now” button on our website. You can also transfer funds to Wonfel Aid INC, US Bank, Routing Number 121122676, Account number 157517891667. You can also send checks to 327 Redding road, Cambell, CA, 95008. Since Wonfel Aid is a 501 (c)(3) organization, your gift is fully tax-deductible.
  • If you want to make direct donation?
    use the link here click direct donation. Problem with donations? Contact us at
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