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Ethnic targeting of Amharas in their own country Ethiopia has started ever since the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) put “eradicating Amharas” as one of the milestones of their struggle along with realizing an independent republic of Tigray by seceding the province of Tigray from Ethiopia. Amharas, who have taken part in the bitter struggle to over throw The Dergue, the military junta government, along with their Tigrean compatriots were instantly betrayed by TPLF whereby they were harassed, mass murdered and made to flee their homelands in Wokait, Tegede, Telemt and Raya. TPLF has galvanized the genocide against Amharas that it is orchestrating once it was able to seize power in Ethiopia. Along with OLF and its other accomplices, TPLF managed to horrifically massacre Amharas in the rest of Ethiopia ever since it managed to impose the barbaric, ethnically dividing constitution on Ethiopia. Their barbaric pogrom of Amharas is evident in Arsi, Harer, Guraferda, Wollega, Metkekel, Shashemene and other locations throughout Ethiopia.

After 27 years of such horror, the leaders of TPLF (the main perpetrators of the above mentioned crimes) were made to retreat to the capital city of Tigray, Mekele, due to the bitter and decisive struggle of Amharas, that not only liberated itself, but also other oppressed Ethiopians. Currently, our people once again are called to action to prevent the terrorist TPLF group massacring innocent civilians in its bid protract its current confrontation with the Ethiopian National Defense Force. The gallant Amhara people were able to minimize tens of crimes against humanity TPLF would have committed, because they were steadfast in showing solidarity with the Ethiopian National Defense Force. TPLF has, in its own accord, admitted to summary execute members of the North Command army in Mekele. It is also already reported through Amnesty International and numerous local media and tens of eyewitnesses that it has horrifically killed over 500 innocent Amharas and Wolaitas before retreating out of the Maikadra city.

Currently, our people are under multi-dimensional existential threats where they are constantly targeted and murdered in all kinds of horrific ways with little or no State protection made available to them. At the same time, they are sacrificing themselves to shield civilians from the terrorist group TPLF in the north. We, the sons and daughters of these great people that are completely forsaken by their own country, are called up on to step up and stand by their sides!

This is a call to every Amhara and every Ethiopian who understands and sees the year’s long abuse and suffering of the Amhara people and their current complete targeting by multiple groups. This is also a callto those who see value in the sacrifices Amharas are paying to shield Ethiopians off the terrorist group TPLF.

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