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Educational coverage and quality are inadequate in many parts of Ethiopia, particularly in the Amhara region. In rural areas, elementary school enrollment is very low, and those who enrolled face enormous challenges. As a result, many of them drop before completing middle school and high school. According to the regional education office, only 19.6% of the region's eligible youth have access to high school education. Of those, only 5% will get the opportunity to join university.

Wonfel Aid believes that improving the quality of education requires several strategic interventions. One approach will be to build a state-of-the-art boarding school that will serve as the blueprint for other schools. Wonfel's boarding schools aim to provide a unique opportunity for students to nurture their talents in academia, arts, and athletics while fostering community and fraternity, which are critical elements for social and intellectual development. The current plan is to build two model boarding schools in Bahir Dar and in Gondar, in collaboration with the Amhara Regional Education Bureau, Amhara Development Association, and Amhara University Forum. Wonfel aspires to use these projects as a model to demonstrate how citizens can contribute to improve education in their home of origin.

The current design of the Boarding school

Facilities of the boarding schools include classrooms, laboratories, libraries, meeting hall, administrative offices, dormitories, cafeteria, sport fields, water supply and sanitation, electricity, toilets, and waste disposal


Capacity: 400 students/year (grade 9-12)
Estimated Construction Cost: Total ~$3.3 million
Right of Way (Land): Arranged by Amhara Education Bureau
Wonfel Aid to raise $1.0 million from donors in North America and other countries.
ADA: Coordinate local fundraising
AUF: Provide technical and professional expertise
Funding Year: March 2019 – Dec 2021
Construction: Jan 2020 – Dec 2022

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