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Ashuda elementary school, located in Achefer, Gojjam was built in 1974 by generous donors from Sweden.  It is the first elementary school in the area, and some kids would walk for more than two hours to attend school.  

Over the years, the school opened opportunities for thousands and changed lives. The Ashuda project lead, Dr. Yinges Yigzaw, is among the first 70 students enrolled in the new school.  Regardless of his humble beginnings, he achieved a PhD in Biochemistry, and for the last 18 years, he has worked as a biochemist developing life-saving medicines. His story demonstrates the power a small donation can have and its lifelong impact on individuals and society.


Project Objective

The school that served 30 kids per class in 1974 now serves as many as 90 kids per class and overcrowded. Over the years, the school has deteriorated and has had minimal maintenance and expansion. It currently serves more than 2,000 students with no adequate textbooks, chairs, or other school facilities. As a result, the school's graduation rate has dropped from >90% in 1974 to <37%.  The project aims to raise funds in collaboration with the local community and Partners in Education Ethiopia to build additional classes, provide school furniture, and books to alleviate the overcrowding and improve the graduation rate.


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