Our Mission

Empowering the people of Ethiopia through provision of key socio-economic services.

Our Vision

Wonfel envisions an enlightened, innovative, healthy and prosperous society.

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Wonfel is a non-profit organization established in USA to empower the  people of Ethiopia through various development initiatives.

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We have chapters in various states of USA and Europe. We also plan to have chapters anywhere Ethiopian diasporas live across the world. Together we can make a difference in our people's lives. Join us!

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Wonfel's core focus areas are education and health. Our current projects are the Boarding School Project in Bahirdar and Gonder city, and The Wonfel Scholarship for university students.


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Our Helping Hands

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You can make your donation to Wonfel Aid Inc. via PayPal


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Zelle can now be used to donate to 

Wonfel Aid Inc. Please send your donation to info@wonfel.org