PROJECT Resilience

Wonfel conceived this project to help children whose parents or guardians have been killed or significantly affected by the atrocities committed against the Amhara people in Metekel and the Oromo regional state of Ethiopia. Our mission is to bring awareness to the alarmingly rapid increase in children orphaned due to the ethnic cleansing that's currently taking place in these regions of Ethiopia

Wonfel initiated Project Resilience "Sponsor A Child" program to give hope to many children who lost one or both parents through the ethnic cleansing

Sponsor A Child

The team currently has sponsors for 30 orphaned children who are presently transferring to a child center in Bahir Dar run byAmhara Regional Women and Youth Office. The project is designed with simplicity, transparency, and the clear objective of gaining the trust of many good-hearted people interested in helping. The current model is designed based on a sponsorship program that only costs less than $1/day yet can change a child's life. Please follow the link to find a sponsorship level that works best for you.