Wonfel Boarding School Project (WBSP)

Education is the best tool to change the future of a society. Though Amhara region constitute one of the largest population to Ethiopia, educational coverage and quality is way below the rest of the regions in the country. According to the data published by the regional education bureau, off the high school eligible youth in the region, only 19.6% have access to high school education; and off these only 5% get access to join University.


Wonfel AID believes improving the quality of education through various interventions is key to change the future of Amhara people. Among the interventions that would improve quality of education in the region is building state of the art boarding schools that would serve as a landmark for other schools. Boarding schools would provide unique opportunity for talented students to flourish in the rich culture of learning, friendship, arts, athletics and intellectual discourse. Boarding schools would also enable students to use their time properly, access resources easily, and collaborate with peers, which are key elements of social and intellectual growth and development.


Wonfel Aid hence initiated this noble idea and is collaborating with Amhara Universities Forum, Amhara Development Association (ADA), and Amhara Region Education Bureau to build two boarding high schools in Amhara region. To date, there is one boarding high school at the city of Dessie and there is another project under construction in Debre Birhan. Taking those factors into consideration, Wonfel and its local partners along with the Amhara regional government have decided to build the boarding schools in Bahir Dar and Gondar cities. Boarding school project description is depicted below.

Basic description boarding schools project in Bahir Dar and Gondar

Project stakeholders: Wonfel, ADA, AUF, and AEB

Project Location: Bahir Dar and Gondar cities

Construction Cost: Total ~100 million Birr ($3.3 million)

Right of Way (Land): Provided for free (Arranged by Amhara Education Bureau)

Funding Source:

-Diaspora Community

- Business owners abroad

-Local Investors in Ethiopia

-External Funding Sources

Funding Year: March 2019 – Dec 2021

Construction: Jan 2020 – Dec 2022

Type of Facility: Classrooms, Laboratories, library, meeting hall, administrative offices, dormitories, Cafeteria, sport facilities (gym, football, basketball and volleyball field), water supply and sanitation, electricity, toilets and waste disposal

Capacity: 400 students/year (grade 9-12)


Boarding School Partners Profile


The Wonfel Boarding School Project (WBSP) will be designed, supervised and implemented, by four partners, namely Wonfel Aid, Amhara Universities Forum (AUF), Amhara Development Association (ADA), and Amhara Education Bureau (AEB).    


Wonfel Aid is a California based non-profit charity organization. It is inspired by the Amhara culture of wonfel, which is community participation for a big purpose and giving back dues. Wonfel’s mission is empowering the Amhara people via provision of key socio-economic services. To that end Wonfel aims to engage in short and long term projects that improve education, health, food security and environmental sustainability of the Amhara. 


The Amhara Development Association (ADA) is an indigenous nonprofit, non-partisan, local Non-Governmental Organization established to contribute to the economic and social development of the people of the Amhara National Region. Since its establishment, which is about 20 years, ADA has been able to bring together investors, national and international NGOs, civil servants, the Diaspora, artists, academicians, and the people at large to tackle the pressing challenges of the Amhara people.


Amhara Universities Forum (AUF) established as a non-profit organization to serve the people of Amhara through research, community services, and capacity building. The forum embraces ten Universities that are located in the Amhara region, and its main office is located in Bahir Dar.